What phones/devices does loudbasstard work with?​​​​
Loudbasstard Amplifiers – We have a universal size for all devices that range from the iPhone to as large as the Samsung Galaxy.

Does anything have to be plugged in?​
No, the loudbasstard is made entirely of natural material, requiring no plugs, cables or electricity.​

How do I adjust the volume when using my loudbasstard?​
Since the loudbasstard is not electronic, volume control depends solely on your device.

​Will my product look exactly like the picture?​​​​
Not necessarily…While each loudbasstard has the same dimensions and creation process, when using products of the Earth, variations in colour, hue and texture are part of its natural beauty.​

Can I plug in my phone while it sits in my loudbasstard amplifier?​​​​
Yes. The loudbasstard has plenty of space for a charging cable!​
Will I be able to leave the case on my phone while I use it in my loudbasstard amplifier?​​
Depending on the size of your case you should be able to. The gap on the loudbasstard is about 1″ deep leaving ample space for a case.​​

What does “personal sound amplifier” mean?​​​
The loudbasstard is not a replacement for an electric speaker. It is merely a greener alternative. The bamboo helps increase volume, while the cylindrical shape helps direct the sound. It’s not necessarily going to be loud enough for a party, but for a few friends around a table or at the beach it’s the perfect product.​

​Do you offer bulk discounts?​​
Yes. Please feel free to email us if you’re wanting to make a bulk order at hello@loudbasstard-asia.com

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