What phones/devices does loudbasstard work with?
Loudbasstard Amplifiers – We have a universal size for all devices that range from the iPhone to as large as the Samsung Galaxy.

Does anything have to be plugged in?
No, the loudbasstard is made entirely of natural material, requiring no plugs, cables or electricity.

How do I adjust the volume when using my loudbasstard?
Since the loudbasstard is not electronic, volume control depends solely on your device.

Will my product look exactly like the picture?
Not necessarily…While each loudbasstard has the same dimensions and creation process, when using products of the Earth, variations in colour, hue and texture are part of its natural beauty.

Can I plug in my phone while it sits in my loudbasstard amplifier?
Yes. The loudbasstard has plenty of space for a charging cable!
Will I be able to leave the case on my phone while I use it in my loudbasstard amplifier?
Depending on the size of your case you should be able to. The gap on the loudbasstard is about 1″ deep leaving ample space for a case.

What does “personal sound amplifier” mean?
The loudbasstard is not a replacement for an electric speaker. It is merely a greener alternative. The bamboo helps increase volume, while the cylindrical shape helps direct the sound. It’s not necessarily going to be loud enough for a party, but for a few friends around a table or at the beach it’s the perfect product.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes. Please feel free to email us if you’re wanting to make a bulk order at hello@loudbasstard-asia.com

How long does international delivery usually take?
Non-customized: Upon confirmation of payment, you should receive the items within 2 – 4 working days for non-customized items.
Customized: Upon confirmation of payment, you should receive the items within 3 – 5 working days for customized items.

Will my phone fit in the Mini?
The Mini is designed in a way that the phone does not have to “fit” all the way in. If you speakers an in the open slot it will work with no problem!

Where is your store?
We do not have our own physical shop, but you can find us through our retail partners, right click here *insert find us link* to be redirected to our find us page.

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