Do you remember being a child and receiving a gift for a special occasion? Do you remember how happy it made you feel? You might have grown up a bit since then, and the tables might be switched now, but the feeling and message remains the same.

You see, gifts are amazing! Give someone a gift and you’ll see their face light up, hopefully make their day, and perhaps give them something useful. A gift can represent a special moment or simply just show / remind someone that you are thinking of them and – without words – exactly how much they mean to you.

Loudbasstard is a thoughtful and green gift. With our recently launched 1 Basstard 1 Tree campaign, you’ll be buying 2 gifts for the price of one! A gift for your friend / loved one AND a gift for Mother Nature (we plant a tree for every Basstard sold). For that personal touch, you can even have it specially customized with a name or image, just for them!

Pick one out and put a smile on that special someone. Who knows? Maybe someone out there might be reading this and thinking of you.

From Nature to Cebu to you… thank you for sharing your love!

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